1. Rosita

From the recording Rosita


Rosita                                    FEF   C 1978
South of the border, Down in old Mexico
In the town of Juarez, On a night black as coal
I met a young girl, A young Mexican maid
In Angel Flores’ cantina,
As the guitar slowly played
Aye, aye Rosita,
Dance with me tonight
Let me feel your warm embrace,
In the heat of the night
Aye, aye Rosita,
Be with me tonight
Let me feel your soft red lips,
In the heat of this night
As she swayed with the music,
Her body’s shape was not disguised
As clothing chased her every move,
To her command they did abide
Then she came to my table,
With those dark understanding eyes
The air was filled with romance,
As I began to fantasize