1. Quiet Times

From the recording Quiet Times


Quiet Times                  FEF         C 2005
You called last night to say you needed
To talk to me awhile
But said little more to tell me
The reason you couldn’t smile
I asked you “Do you love me ?”
There was silence on your end
The pause grew even fatter
And my patience mighty thin
          I always thought that quiet times
Would strengthen our fragile hearts
I didn’t realize we were drifting so far……… apart
Once again the quiet times…..silenced our hearts
You came by the very next morning
And quietly, sadly said hi
Your truthful eyes told the story
You dropped by for goodbye
Nothing I could say to change your mind
Nothing to do but cry
So once again the quiet times
Is all we shared in our lives
Late at night nice memories
Drift back to the years we spent
Chasing dreams that we both shared
And our plans of good intent
It’s sad to see that it didn’t work
Sad that we weren’t meant to be
Sad to let those quiet times
Set the course of history