1. He is Near

From the recording He is Near

Song about my father, Emerson Ray Fuller, as we say in Texas, one helluva man.....


HE IS NEAR                               FEF             C 10/22/05
He raised his first family at the young age of 21
His mother and four siblings, his loving father was now gone
He kept them together as he faced down his own daunting fears
When you needed his firm guidance, he was near
He wedded my mother to grow his own family
Three children later, he was proud of his own prodigy
Tended the farm and built homes, his purpose was clear
When you felt his hands touch you softly, he was near
Then he married Miss Billye and started his third family
He was Paw Paw to many at top of his family tree
He helped shape the lives of relatives, friends and his peers
When you heard his quiet wisdom and knowledge, he was near
My Dad was a pillar and a man of integrity
He followed his heart, the truth and honesty
His soft voice and gentle  eyes of 91 years
When you remember all of these things, he is near