From the recording Big Ole Texas Moon


Big Ole Texas Moon              FEF     C 2001
Now the moon, he shines bigger, brighter on Texas nights
Delivering neon for the lights, that we all love to dance by
He asking us to shuffle, or two-step, three-step too
Or waltz across Texas, while he picks another tune
          There’s a big ole Texas moon rising in the western sky
          Wears a ten gallon milky way, and a lone star in his eye
          There’s a big ole Texas moon shining in the western sky
          Plays another dance hall tune, he can shine, shine, shine
He can croon and even whistle, yodel that cattle call
With his handy dandy sidekick band, he just about does ‘em all
He sings about those Texas towns, Luckenbach and El Paso
Fort Worth, Houston, San Antone, Amarillo to Del Rio
He’ll sing of yellow roses & bluebonnets in the spring
Mountain laurel blooming and south Texas purple sage
Of course he wears those cowboy boots, so he can tap his Texas toe
To that finger snapping, buckle polishing Texas Cotton-Eyed Joe