From the recording Between The Brighter Days


Between the Brighter Days                                     FEF   C Sept. 6, 2000
The IRS breathing down my neck,
My danged ole boss giving me heck
Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth living this life
The milking cow, she’s done gone dry;
And my dog quit barking, don’t know why
How can one man deal with all this stress and strife
          Between the brighter days, life’s pollution creates a haze
          And I’m left to try to see through  most of it
          When my back’s against the wall, it’s harder for me to fall

1.     It’s not how you eat the peach, it’s what you do with the pits
2.     It’s not how you mash the grapes, it’s what you do with the pits
3.     It’s not how you make the guacamole, it’s what you do with the pits

Lord, guide me between the brighter days……
Tis only telemarketers calling,
Made the new baby start bawling
This chaos is almost more than I can handle
Well, they tell me not to sweat the small stuff,
But I’m here to say it ain’t small, it’s tough
When burning both ends of that proverbial candle
My tabby cat even lost his purr,
My yard is full of stickers and grass burrs….
Doesn’t really matter, cause my lawn mower’s broke
Nobody ever sends me personal letters,
Just those nasty notes, Dear Mr. Debtor
Almost drives a man to drink and smoke