From the recording Your Calling is Calling


Your calling is calling, you need to take the call
Your heart is pining, don’t let it take the fall
Your calling is calling, to blaze a new trail
Dig deep for the wishes at the bottom of your well
        Your calling is calling, you must take the call
Ya stopped listening to your heart, a long time ago
When the noise of life, began to take its toll
To break a heartstring, is sad and its cruel
To dream in the daylight, was to be the village fool
Did you ever hear that long distant sound
Gnawing at the soul when it’s out and down
A crystal clear note, falling on deaf ears
Spinning the mind, and jamming up the gears
Were you always too busy, with your day to day
And got so caught up, you lost your own way
Back to your dreams, of a younger age
The road map is torn, and missing a page