From the recording Songs of the Sea


SONGS OF THE SEA              Fred E. Fuller   C.12/99
Tonight is the night and it feels so right for a walk on the beach
Hearing soft sounds gently bound to the sights of the sea
The taste of saltly lips fills the nigh time air
The memory of a romantic evening we share
The sand feels so good squishing the goo between our toes
Feel the warm surf, pulling us as it comes and it goes
The man in the moon, he just wants us to play
Stars in our eyes will show us the way
     Sharing our hearts as our spirits collide
     Our fears and darkness, we put them aside
     The sea’s ebb and flow lifts up and sets us free
     Dancing and singing with the songs of the sea
The sun’s golden rays with each passing day will warm up the souls
The sleep in our eyes gives way to the sky and the mornings glow
To awaken beside you and hold you closer to me
Greeting  the morning with the sand and the sea
The breeze in the trees will sing you to sleep each passing day
Float on a tube of lapis blue riding the waves
The rythmn of life here is easy and slow
Sailing free riding the sea our love grows