1. Power of Now

From the recording Power of Now


Power of Now                     FEF 7/14
I am trying to pour all my devotion
Into the journey that will lead me home
It will take me through a maze of confusion
I feel among them, then sometimes I feel alone
Then a light will shine down  on my pathway
Guiding me through the toils and snares
My emotions are truly overwhelming
From elation to fears, please be gone
2.  Dwelling on those old fading memories
Or on the future, tomorrow may never come
Residing inside the moment
Sounds so simple, but is hard to get done
So right now is the only answer
A lasting peace that I have rarely known
3.  So spend the moment, like it was your last dime
Face to face with those who you hold close
For the moment, is all we have to share now
The greatest gift we have to give that means the most
Start each moment, with a prayer to be ready
To face the Father, Son and Holy Ghost