From the recording Papa's Lullabye


Papa’s Lullabye   (key of F)    FEF/EB/TJF 03/2017
Good night little child, close your tiny eyes,
God rest your little soul
Dreams your dreams in full, and one thing for sure,
Oh you make my heart whole
       The sound is so sweet, it resonates so deep
       Ushers in my sweet angels night
       Stars in the sky, hold the mysteries of life
       Fall asleep to Papa’s lullabye
You can be a mayor of a town, or a rodeo clown
Life is a journey without end
Whisper to the stars, lasso Venus then Mars
Sing this to your children’s children
Wrapped in His arms, to feel safe and warm
The spirit of this child to behold 
Shining so very proud, in celestial clouds
Be kind, be humble, be bold