From the recording My Mama's Gospel Songs


My Mama’s Gospel Songs          Jan. 2016
It was the summer of ’58,  in the early morning light
Oh my, oh my how sweet the sound
A voice that rides the wind while hanging clothes on the line
A gift to you that she was heavenly bound
Her clear soprano notes,  with a gentleness sublime
So serene at the break of day
Almost perfect pitch,  that resonates so fine
And touches hearts and souls in every way
          She sang Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
          A lesson that lasts a whole life long
          Old time spirituals with her finest melodies
          You can hear my mama sing those gospel songs
My mama taught me how,  to hear the melodies
And takes you for a ride that leads you home
The lyrics tell a story of  a never ending love
 A mothers heart and soul thru every song