1. Cocoon

From the recording Cocoon


Cocoon                      Fef 9/30/16
It’s a quiet little place, with a cozy feel
Warms the coldest soul, removes the chill
Live the good life, down in my cocoon
Come enjoy a bit of glamour and glitz
Feels smooth and crisp, putting on the ritz
Find the sweet spot, down in my cocoon
Take a seat, remove your hat, enjoy the ride
Might be soothing, buckle up it might get wild
Tune all your senses, howl at the moon
Crazy and lazy, down in my cocoon
Music sets the slow melodic pace
Hear the soulful sound fill this magical place
Leave your worries outside, of my cocoon
Come on and sample the serenity
Try to unwind with tranquility
Relax at a rest stop, called my cocoon
Before you leave, take the peace you found
Remember the words, and listen to the sound
Soothe your soul, down in my cocoon
Warm and fuzzy, in a house you spin
Go outside, you gonna spread your wings
Turn your life around, down in my cocoon