Iraq Tour - November 2007

I just experienced the most incredible trip to Iraq, to perform for our soldiers. CG Joe Fil said it best, when he wrote to my friend, Bob Utley, and I, "We bid farewell to Fred Fuller today. I'd like to take a moment to thank you for all the support you and Fred have shown to our Multi-National Division-Baghdad & 1st CAV troopers. Over the past six days Fred visited seven different camps and put on a total of nine shows for the troops throughout Baghdad. It was a very aggressive tour which was met with outstanding reception at each and every stop along the way! His visit to Coalition Outpost Courage was particularly emotional when he sang "You Put Your Life on the Line," a song he wrote about their fellow Soldier, LT Dan Riordan, who was killed in action on 23 June 2007. I had the honor of attending Fred's show last night on Camp Liberty and was also very touched by his heartfelt lyrics and overwhelming support for the troops. This experience has been a morale boost for the Soldiers." Check out these links: and page 27 This trip has been a life changing experience indeed and will indelibly mark my continuing relationship with 1st Cav and all our troops. Thanks to Bob & Ann Utley, CG Fil, 1st Cavalry Division and all our troops for their honor, respect and hospitality. Godspeed to all our Soldiers and keep them from harm and have them return home safely soon.

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