Colorado Tour ~ Sept 2018 

September 21, 2108    Petersen House Concert ~ Eagle, Colorado

September 22, 2018    Hutchinson Homestead ~ Salida, Colorado

September 23, 2018    Soulcraft Brewery ~ Salida, Colorado

September 24, 2018    Villa Jubilee ~ Walsenberg, Colorado

September 25, 2018    Cask and Cork ~ Amarillo, Texas

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Camp Liberty ~ Iraq 2007

Iraq Tour - November 2007 

I just experienced the most incredible trip to Iraq, to perform for our soldiers CG Joe Fil said it best, when he wrote to my friend, Bob Utley, and I "We bid farewell to Fred Fuller today. I'd like to take a moment to thank you for all the support you and Fred have shown to our Multi-National Division-Baghdad & 1st CAV troopers. Over the past six days Fred visited seven different camps and put on a total of nine shows for the troops throughout Baghdad. It was a very aggressive tour which was met…

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