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Freddie Fuller "The Singing Cowboy": Music

You Put Your Life on the Line

(Freddie Fuller)
February 10, 2016
Freddie Fuller

You Put Your Life on the Line         FEF   c 2007                 


Tears and laughter fill the air

Wash all over our stripes and stars

Friends and family gather

Send you off to uncertain war


The line between life and death

Grows so narrow in the mind

Danger plays to your weakness

You must put your fears aside


You put your life on the line

The ultimate sacrifice

You put your life on the line

For my freedom, you pay the price

The message is clear

The strength, dwells in your heart, the keeper of time

Return home safely

You put your life on the line


Some soldiers surrounded by love

Some will send off all alone

Some show pride and courage

Some somber without either one


One warrior shows his chaplain

Near his heart rest the rosary beads

Carried by his uncle in Viet Nam

Protect and keep him, both he now needs


Chorus      Lead Break over Chorus


One kisses his wife and child

He may never see again

He holds them close and smiles

Wipes the tears from both of them


Another warrior checks his rifle

And the battle gear strapped to his side

He tries to visibly stifle

Fear that keeps him alive