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Freddie Fuller "The Singing Cowboy": Sign in Pardner

Shirley & Gus Gustin

April 30, 2012

Hi again - not sure about the security code below - just guessing..
Really enjoyed you & Greg at the Weiss barbecue last Saturday night at Maxdale. You both have the smoothest sound/it's obvious you both love what you do. Thanks for letting me attempt to sing with you/enjoyed the harmony. Till we see you again - Shirley & Gus Gustin

randy Hood

October 17, 2010

Had a hoot Sat. night thanks again.Randy

Erica Rumbley

June 5, 2010

Hello, my name is Erica Rumbley, and I am a Ph.D. student in musicology at the University of Kentucky. I ran across your website, and was fascinated! I am beginning work on a dissertation about "Cowboy music," addressing both its manifestations in the earlier 20th century, and modern groups striving to carry on the tradition of the "Singing Cowboy." I would love to be able to learn more about your work, and if possible, to interview you, and perhaps see a performance. If you would be willing to become a living part of my research, please let me know!
Thank you,

Erica Rumbley
(859) 361-7342

Chuck Walker

May 25, 2010

Howdy, I'm Chuck Walker and George Ensley told me to contact you. i am the morning show host on KLGO the Christian Talk radio station for Austin and also do another ministry called the Jesus Country Show live events and radio show. i would love to get with you and visit about an on air interview and feature some of your songs. email is a good way to get me or my cell is 512-944-0004
God Bless and hope to see ya soon...

Richard Coutermarsh

July 15, 2009

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fuller when I gave him directions on Saturday at the Army Wounded Warrior Symposium in San Antonio, TX. Although I didn't get to see him sing, since I was busy in the Operations Center, I did hear that he put on a great show and it was enjoyed by all. I'm sorry that I missed it!

Helzer family

March 28, 2009

just love listening to the best band in the land!!!!!

Paula Whitfield Jameson

March 3, 2009

Love your CD I bought at Bugle Boy, especially the percussion in Linda Paloma.
Always great to see you and nice to finally hear your songs.
Until next time - Paula

Doug Dillard

January 5, 2009

Great to have you in our home and get to know you better. I hope our paths keep crossing! I "found my Salado" many years ago and never regretted the decision.

Bear and Gemma Jackson

December 18, 2008

jeet yet? I love this site, love your baby girl, love having her with us and can't wait til your son in law gets here too. Herd y'all sing "Down By The River"? Em and I are working on that, will have Brandon join in. Bear hates it, sounds like a perfect Brandon activity.

Your daughter is making coffee cake - wish y'all were here!
Love and hugs,



September 29, 2008

Hello there,very nice place


September 15, 2008

Hey Fred, I like your music and your website and all the things you have accomplished! Love you ever since Day One of your life.... Aunt George


September 14, 2008

Loved the site my friend! Thanks for the link. Hope ya'll are doing great. Lets get together some tie OK...

Bud & Val Harger

September 12, 2008


Very nice. I like it!


Jack and Pat Weatherby

September 12, 2008

WOW!! Love it. Up here in Michigan and think of you all so often. Hope to be in Texaas for a visit in a few months to visit with daughter and our Texas friends.

Play your CD and Ron's all the time. When working on the computer or doing my sewing you are always on our mind. Thanks for sending this to us.

Love the page and the

Can't wait to get to a Texas Opry. My daughter had told us we'd never get over Texas. She was SOOOO RIGHT!


September 12, 2008

Great looking website and am so happy to hear you went and sang for the troops.

Greetings from Finland


James and Lyn Haney

September 11, 2008

Hello, cousin! Your new website is great.

Will Bolton

September 11, 2008

Hey Fred

This looks incredible. I like how easy it is to find information. Great job.

Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Gayle Herrington

September 11, 2008

Outstanding, but I would expect nothing less fromyou!!!

Kerry Johnson

September 11, 2008

great site ! .... who is your web-hosting provider and who created your newly designed web-pages ???


Jackie Mills

September 10, 2008

Little Freddie Fuller:
By golly, I can say I knew you when! When you were the star in Salado Legends, when you told me about growing up in Salado, when you decided to go into singing full time, when your children were small, when we sat around and talked till all hours....
Just glad that I know you and your family.

Love, Jackie

Dennis J. McElveen

August 28, 2008

Country music singing My first choice. One of my hobbies is song writing. Have CD of them.

Rebecca Messner

August 6, 2008

I live in Salado and have purchased Freddy Fuller CD’s and tapes in various shops in Salado. I have been unable to locate any lately. Can you tell me if and where I can purchase them in the local area? My family, friends and I have greatly enjoyed the “To Sing Once Again – CD”. Can’t wait to hear more!!

Rebecca Messner


July 28, 2008

Ex2H8D hi! hice site!

Bennie Carroll

July 22, 2008

Hi Freddie: I have always enjoyed your show. I used to get to go to them, but to go much anymore. I am with the Downtown Belton Merchants Association. I would like to talk to about our Market Days in downtown Belton. We would like to talk to you about performing for us one time. We have it every third Saturday of the month. Please call me at 254-913-0340.
Bennie Carroll

Dennis Browning

April 28, 2008

Hey Freddie, I haven't seen you in a while not since the winter show at the Beltonian, I will try to make it to the Ancira show in May. I really enjoy your music and your friendship. Hope to see you soon. Dennis Browning

Art VanDenBerghe

February 1, 2008

Thank you for the wonderful program at Temples' Lion's club this past week. I think your song "Put your life on the Line" says it all regarding our service men. God bless you!

Steve Borchert

January 26, 2008

Freddie, Thanks for the link and the great performance with Tina and Walt.

Greg Whitfield

December 1, 2007

Hey Pardner - We're proud to know you, always happy to see you, and lucky to get to make music with you.
Big fans!
Slim and Vernelle


November 22, 2007

To my favorite VIP! What a wonderful gift you've shared with our troops - thank you so much for the time you spent in Iraq! We'll see you real soon back in TX!

Rebecca Montgomery

November 15, 2007

Thank you so much for spending time with the troops in Baghdad. My daughter Stacey Hanson says she enjoyed your music. Thank you for bringing a bright moment to her and her friends. You are a Blessing. God Bless You, Stacey's Mom, Rebecca

Ken Hendricks

November 12, 2007

Didn't know that you had moved your performance site. Found out that you have moved to the Beltonian Theater. Good move. See you in December.



November 11, 2007

Freddie,Thanks for coming by Taji and playing earlier tonight. It was great. Thanks for the support!

Nancy H. Rawls

November 10, 2007

Nov.10, 2007
Thank you for your devotion to our men and women here in Iraq. Freedom Rest residents feel honored that you were here with us for this short time. Your performance was truly one of love and caring. You make Texans proud!!! Nancy Rawls - (Baylor & SHSU)(Texas???)

Roman Jimenez

November 9, 2007

Mr. Fuller Thank you for taking the time to come out to Iraq. The show you put on for us out here at Patrol Base Courage was awesome. Thank You for your support.

Sharen Dech

November 8, 2007

Fred, I am so glad that we were able to share the table at the Austin airport. Thanks so much for the coin and the CD. And yes you are in our prayers as you minister to the troups. God bless, Sharen

Lisa Carr

November 8, 2007

Fred, it was wonderful to meet you in the Austin airport Tuesday! By now you're in Kuwait, perhaps on the way to Iraq. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your CD and coin. I'm listening to "You Put Your Life on the Line" right now.
Your fellow traveler,
Lisa Carr

Pris and Doug Snodgrass

October 30, 2007

We want to wish you a safe wonderful experience in Iraq spreading the songs of the west. You are to be commended on your generous patriotic energies to our young troops. We hope to see you soon. Love, Pris and Doug

kathy cabaniss patrick

August 31, 2007

Hi Freddie, back on line, and thought I'd join your admirers. We're hoping to see you on the 1st of SEPT. Keep up the wonderful singing. Luv ya, Kk

Brad West

February 10, 2007

Hey Freddie, really enjoyed singing with you in Copperas Cove. You and the band are just awesome, and everyone was so freindly. I look forward to singing with you again. My wife even wants to make the drive down there whether I am performing or not, and it's a 2 1/2 hour drive! Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing you again soon!

Bill Bunch

February 2, 2007

Howdy Freddie, We have a mutual friend, James V. Lee. He told me about you and your website. I'm so glad he did...Hope to get down to see y'all 'fore too long.
Keep pickin'....
Feb.2, 2007

Jim Fish

February 1, 2007

Hey Fredie! Nice e-digs. Hope all is well with you and yours. Prosper in 2007.


James Marvell

January 30, 2007

Howdy Fred,

Enjoyed the stop. Ridin off now.


virginia fuller

January 30, 2007

just tried to buy yor cd, site does not work for me. it says url not available to me?

Glen & V irginia Fuller

January 30, 2007

hi, I like your site & music.
How do i get your CD's? I loved your
song about Ray. how was the family reunion this past year?

January 29, 2007

Hey, Cuz!! I can't put my name and address above. It is in invisible ink!!
Gayle Herrington

Crystal York and Justin Ward

January 24, 2007

Love the site! It looks killer!

We both miss being on the show.
Had a lot of fun,

Crystal and Justin

Barb Harper & Chantri

January 24, 2007

Cool site!!!! Keep it up!!!


January 24, 2007

looks good, cowboy! let's make some purdy new photos of you soon!

Marlys Kosel

January 23, 2007

Love the website,
keep singin'


Matt Scott

January 23, 2007

The site looks good! Miss ya buddy!

Mariah Stanley

January 23, 2007

I love your website it is really neat. Miss you bunches. Hope you and Mrs. Fuller are doing great. Tell her i said hello.
Keep in touch.

XXOO Mariah

De Riley

January 23, 2007

Finally! You are definitely on your way now. Congrats on the new website.

Tim Hopkins

January 23, 2007

Fred looks good the sight that is, I think you could pretty up but, I still love ya. Keep going my friend you inspire me.